Philipp Albers

Philipp Albers, co-founder of Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur, is a freelance journalist and writer. In 2011 he co-authored with Holm Friebe Was Sie schon immer über 6 wissen wollten, a popular non-fiction book about number psychology. He was Program Director at the American Academy in Berlin for a number of years and holds an M.A. in American studies, cultural studies, and philosophy. At Digital Bauhaus 2014 he is hosting the „Rules“ workshop track.

Photo by Franziska Rieder

Julia Bergmann

Julia Bergmann is a freelance trainer for information literacy and the first chairwoman of the association Zukunftswerkstatt Kultur- und Wissensvermittlung e.V. For more than ten years Bergmann has dealt with the issues of information literacy, research skills, work organization and techniques and mobile working and learning. In November 2012 she published the book Arbeitsorganisation 2.0 – Tools für den Arbeitsalltag in Kultur- und Bildungseinrichtungen  (Work Organization 2.0 Tools for Everyday Work in Cultural and Educational Institutions), which she co-wrote with Dr. Jürgen Plieninger.

Workshop: Tools für Online-Zusammenarbeit aus Nutzersicht


Jana Costas

Jana Costas is Assistant Professor at Freie Universität Berlin and currently holds an EU-funded Marie Curie Fellowship at Copenhagen Business School. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Her research interests lie in the field of organization studies with the particular focus on culture, control, leadership and new forms of working. She has recently conducted an ethnographic study of the organizational underworld of cleaning and is currently working on a book on organizational secrecy to be published by Stanford University Press.

Workshop: Organizing Creativity and the Paradoxes of Informality

Dark Horse (Monika Frech, Patrick Kenzler, Lisa Zoth)

Dark Horse creates user-centered products and services and helps clients to change their structures, processes and minds. Their work draws on Design Thinking principles and their own unusual working culture that simultaneously stresses flexibility and connections.

Workshop: Post-Hierarchical Management – Building a Collaborative Company


Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki, Filmmaker, has completed over 100 productions for television or cinema, most of them experimental documentaries. His work was much recognized in the art context with numerous group and solo exhibitions in museums and galleries. 2007 he took part in the documenta 12 with “Deep Play”. He taught at the University of Berkeley and at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and holds a fellowship at the Bauhaus University Weimar from 2014.

Photo by Markus J. Feger


Holm Friebe

Holm Friebe, co-founder of Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur, is a teaching professor for design theory at ZHdK Zurich and Kunsthochschule Kassel. He has co-authored and written several non-fiction books, among them Wir nennen es Arbeit (with Sascha Lobo), Marke Eigenbau (with Thomas Ramge) and Die Stein-Strategie. Holm Friebe is host of the Digital Bauhaus 2014 conference.

Lukas F. Hartmann

Lukas F. Hartmann is the technical co-founder of and works at the intersection of technology and communications. He programs computers since early childhood. During his studies at University of the Arts in Berlin, he co-created aka-aki, one of the earliest mobile social networks that had a global impact.

Workshop: Tools for Online Collaboration from a Developer’s Perspective

Lukas Imhof

Lukas Imhof is a freelance architect and architectural theorist living in Zurich. His latest book is titled Midcomfort – Architektur mit Maß und Ziel.

Talk: Collaboration as Gesamtkunstwerk – Paradigm and Wishful Thinking at the Bauhaus

Jonathan Imme

Jonathan Imme is co-founder of the Berlin-based consulting studio ignore gravity, creator of the eventflow platform and co-publisher of REVUE magazine. In an earlier life, Jonathan co-founded the ventures until we see new land and Palomar5, worked for Universal Music and MTV and tried to bring some rock’n’roll to rural El Salvador.

Workshop: Let’s talk about flow, baby

Talk: If video killed the radio star, is the web going to murder the keynote speaker?


Hannes Krämer

Dr. Hannes Krämer works as a sociologist and communication researcher at the Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). His research focuses on creative work and organization, research methodology and the sociology of time.

Workshop: Creative Routines: A Genealogy of the Idea at the Push of a Button

Andreas Krüger

Andreas Krüger is a conceptual urban planner and the managing partner of Belius (formerly Modulor Projekt). He works with politicians, local administrations, activists, users and investors on the development of inner city areas and how they relate to creative content production, collaborative working environments, informal approaches to space, good citizenship, participation and sustainability.

Workshop: The Need for Seed – Informal Spatial Preconditions for Collaborative Effectiveness

Photo by Hoffotografen Berlin

Daniela Marzavan

Daniela Marzavan is lecturer for „Design Thinking and Human Values“  at the HTW Berlin and guest lecturer at the „Master for Research in Design and Innovation“ of ELISAVA Barcelona. She currently researches the phenomena of Design Thinking within organizations. As a DT practitioner, former entrepreneur and community shaper she advises NGOs and companies.

Workshop: Testing Empathy: Dialogic Collaboration

Talk: What was Design Thinking?

Sebastian Olma

Sebastian Olma is an international scholar and advisor working at the interface between creativity and business. He was trained as a philosopher and organizational economist in Germany, New York and London. He cofounded the Creative Industries Research Centre at the University of Amsterdam and is research fellow at the Institute of Network Culture. As director of Amsterdam’s Serendipity Lab he works with designers and architects on strategies that help policy makers and organizations to thrive on the logic of serendipity.

Workshop: Serendipity: Creative Process between Accident and Sagacity

Philipp Oswalt

Philipp Oswalt, architect and writer, is professor for architecture theory and design at Kassel University. He was together with Klaus Overmeyer initiator and coordinator of the european research project ‘Urban Catalysts’ on temporality in urban space, chief curator of the international research and exhibition project ‘Shrinking Cities’ and, until recently, director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Mads Pankow

Mads Pankow, publisher of the journal of social change DIE EPILOG, lives in Weimar, where he graduated with a degree in media culture and organizational science. At Digital Bauhaus 2014 he is hosting the “Schools” workshop track.


Kathrin Passig

Kathrin Passig works as a writer, journalist, and bad programmer. She’s a co-founder of Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur and developed some of the collaboration tools that enabled ZIA to be a company without an office. Her non-fiction books have been translated into eleven languages. Her latest book on how to suck less at programming was released by O’Reilly in late 2013. She runs a shop for randomly generated unique T-shirts,, “an experiment in artificial stupidity”. At Digital Bauhaus 2014 she is hosting the „Tools“ workshop track.

Photo by Jan Bölsche

Cornelius Reiber

Cornelius Reiber studied History and German Literature in Berlin and Princeton and now works at the Freie Universität Berlin, co-ordinating the creation of a digital archive of early voice recordings. He is the co-editor of the book Original / Ton. Zur Mediengeschichte des O-Tons, his most recent publication is „Deutsche Literatur. Die Gruppe 47 in Princeton“, in Sprache und Literatur 43 (2012). He has been working with Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur since its foundation. At Digital Bauhaus 2014 he is moderating the screening of „Ein neues Produkt“ and conversation with Harun Farocki.

Anni Roolf

Anni Roolf works as concept designer, strategic consultant and project developer. She is the initiator of the Jellyweek, a global community building event. Another project of her was the Forum for Business Design and Creative Leadership, where people from the spheres of management and creativity were brought into dialogue. Since the development of the coworking phenomenon in Germany she was active as a networker within the scene and initiated for example the first Coworking Germany Barcamp. She loves to observe the ambivalences of the new ways of work.

Workshop: Analog School / The recapture of real life and creativity

Lena Schiller Clausen

Lena Schiller Clausen is an entrepreneur and author. As co-founder and former CEO of betahaus Hamburg, she actively created interfaces between the coworking-movement and the corporate world. She is currently a lecturer in the department of interdisciplinary work science at the University of Hannover and offers her services as a transformation consultant. In her new book, New Business Order, she examines the question of how start-ups change society and business.

Talk: New Business Order – The Startup-Way of Designing Creative Collaboration

Photo by Frank Schinski

Aleks Scholz

Aleks Scholz, astronomer and author, is director of the observatory at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Together with Kathrin Passig he has published the non-fiction books Lexikon des Unwissens and Verirren.

Talk: Vast Distances: Five Thousand Years of Communicative Disasters in Astronomy

Photo by Ira Struebel

Bastian Unterberg

Bastian is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for the future of work. He founded jovoto to empower creative talent stuck in rigid work environments. Bastian’s background is in design and computer science and as a result some like to call him a product nerd. Bastian’s latest book “Crowdstorm – The future of innovation, ideas and problem solving” was published by Wiley & Sons. At jovoto he is responsible for strategy and juggles too many other roles.

Talk: Creative Collaboration in Protected Online-Environments

Sara Usinger

In 2012, Sara Usinger started to work for STARTPLATZ, aiming to build up a Coworking Space and local Hub for the Cologne Startup Scene. Two years later, STARTPLATZ is home to more than 90 Startups, Freelancers, Consultants and hosts regular Workshops, Talks, Conferences and Pitch Events for the local Startup Scene. STARTPLATZ is also hosting Events like „StartupWeekend“ to further promote Entrepreneurship in the region.

Workshop: Social and Digital Tools for Managing Coworking Spaces

Thilo Utke

Thilo Utke is co-founder of, an online service that helps managing coworking spaces worldwide. He is running the co.up cowoking space in Berlin since 2009 that grew from a side project of his web development agency. As board member of the Ruby Berlin e.V. he is involved in various local tech education projects, like the local Rails Girls Chapter or CoderDojo.

Workshop: Social and Digital Tools for Managing Coworking Spaces

Matthias Weber

Matthias Weber is a transformation designer based in Hamburg, Germany who specializes in event curation, strategy and innovation consulting. He holds a degree in Media Arts and Design from Bauhaus-University Weimar.

Talk: Beyond the Blue Horizon: Inspiration for a Digital Bauhaus

Photo by Yvonne Schmedemann

Gesa Ziemer

Gesa Ziemer is a professor of cultural theory and Vice President of Research at HafenCity University Hamburg. She helps head the graduate school program Assembly and Participation, which undertakes studies at the intersection of art and cultural theory. Her research focuses on collaboration, creativity and urban analyses.

Workshop: Who works with whom? And How?