Informal Pre-Summit Get-Together

18.00 Villa Dürkheim, Cranachstraße 47

Group Creativity: What Works? What Doesn’t?

10.00-17.00 Bauhaus Factory, Bauhausstraße 7c



Hosted by Philipp Albers


Set and setting for productive group creativity, from the composition of the group and collaboration protocols to architecture and spatial concepts.



Hosted by Kathrin Passig


Methods and techniques of creative collaboration, from online platforms to creative toolkits to shared infrastructure.


Hosted by Mads Pankow


A critical history of ideas of creative collaboration, from Henry van de Velde and the original Bauhaus to think tanks, Design Thinking and beyond.

10.00 Philipp Albers
(Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur):

10.00 Kathrin Passig

10.00 Mads Pankow

10.15 Gesa Ziemer
(HafenCity University Hamburg):
Who Works with Whom? And How?

10.15   Julia Bergmann:
Tools for Online Collaboration from a User’s Perspective (D)

10.15 Hannes Krämer
(Europa-Universität Viadrina):
Creative Routines: A Genealogy of the Idea at the Push of a Button (D)

11.15 Coffee Break

11.15 Coffee Break

11.15 Coffee Break

11.30 Andreas Krüger
The Need for Seed – Informal Spatial Preconditions for Collaborative Effectiveness

11.30 Lukas F. Hartmann
Tools for Online Collaboration from a Developer’s Perspective

11.30 Jana Costas (FU Berlin)
Formality and Informality in Close Collaboration

12.30 Lunch Break

12.30 Lunch Break

12.30 Lunch Break

14.00 Jonathan Imme
(ignore gravity):
Let’s Talk about Flow, Baby

14.00 Anni Roolf 

Analog School / The recapture of real life and creativity (D)

14.00 Daniela Marzavan
(HTW Berlin and ELISAVA Barcelona):
Testing Empathy: Dialogic Collaboration

15.00 Coffee Break

15.00 Coffee Break

15.00 Coffee Break

15.30 Dark Horse
(Monika Frech, Patrick Kenzler, Lisa Zoth):
Post-Hierarchical Management – Building a Collaborative Company

15.30 Thilo Utke & Sara Usinger:
Social and Digital Tools for Managing Coworking Spaces

15.30 Sebastian Olma (Serendipity Lab)

Serendipity: Creative Process between Accident and Sagacity

16.30 Wrap-Up

16.30 Wrap-Up

16.30 Wrap-Up


Public Viewing of the World Cup (Round of 16), Screening of „Ein neues Produkt“ and Conversation with Harun Farocki (filmmaker, Berlin)

18.00-24.00 Lichthaus, Am Kirschberg 4

Moderated by Cornelius Reiber


From Bauhaus to Betahaus: The Art and Science of Collaboration

10.00-17.00 E-Werk, Am Kirschberg 4


10:00 Holm Friebe (Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur):

Welcome / Introduction


10:10 Uwe Höhn (Minister for Economic Affairs, The Free State of Thuringia):



10:15 Lena Schiller Clausen (author and entrepreneur, Hamburg):

New Business Order – The Start-up’s Way of Designing Creative Collaboration


10:45 Panel: Schools of Creative Collaboration

Moderated by Mads Pankow (DIE EPILOG)


11:15 Coffee Break


11:45 Lukas Imhof (ETH Zürich):

Collaboration as Gesamtkunstwerk – Paradigm and Wishful Thinking at the Bauhaus (D)


12:15 Daniela Marzavan (HTW Berlin and ELISAVA Barcelona):

What Was Design Thinking?


12:30 Panel: The Rules of Creative Collaboration

Moderated by Philipp Albers (Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur)


13:00 Lunch Break


14:00 Philipp Oswalt (Kunsthochschule Kassel)
The Bauhaus Today


14:30 Jonathan Imme (ignore gravity):

If Video Killed the Radio Star, Is the Web Going to Murder the Keynote Speaker?


14:45 Bastian Unterberg (jovoto):

Creative Collaboration in Protected Online-Environments


15:00 Panel: The Tools of Creative Collaboration

Moderated by Kathrin Passig (Author and journalist, Berlin)


15:30 Coffee Break


16:00 Aleks Scholz (University of St. Andrews):

Vast Distances: Five Thousand Years of Communicative Disasters in Astronomy


16:30 Matthias Weber (It’s The Glue):

Beyond the Blue Horizon: Inspiration for a Digital Bauhaus


16:50 Wrap-up


17:00 Closing